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Will I lose weight?

The short answer is yes: you'll actually see the pounds
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process by which fat and sugar is broken down in the
body takes place in muscle tissue, then if we increase the density of our muscle tissue by doing specific strength training, we will also increase the number of sites in the body where calories are used up. We become more efficient at burning calories - and hence lose weight!

The goal is to lose fat not muscle - which is why exercise plus diet is more effective than simply dieting on its own. Muscle tissue is more taut and compact than fat and therefore takes up less space. But we do recommend you eat healthily while you're using the LegMaster. It's this combination of toning muscle and losing fat that delivers such spectacular results.

Who will benefit?

Male or female, heavy or light, whatever your current fitness level or ability - it's the perfect way to hone your lower body. Dancers' or gymnasts' legs aren't perfected by walking alone. They incorporate weight and resistance training into their exercise routines. Legmaster provides a truly effective way to shape and define your muscles - giving you the legs you have always dreamed of!

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Scientists say LegMaster works better than the gym

Read the research study report by Liverpool Hope University for yourself right here: Research

Don't take our word for it - read these reviews by hundreds of real LegMaster owners:

Review by Jumoke from Essex *****

The leg master. especially, when i have very bad pain in my back and leg. once i go on it. I am refreshed. If only i can discipline myself to use it every day. I get bored easily. but it is a good exercise kit.

Review by Christine from Merseyside ****

I use it it fits and starts - use very much depends who is still in bed or about to go to bed in our household as i tend to exercise when all my housework is done or early in the day. My husband and son complain the legmaster is too noisy. But I think its a great exercise idea.

Review by Peter from West Midlands *****

Great, helped me stabilise my knee muscles

Review by Jenny from Wareham *****

I love the legmaster and know it works, i got mine out again 2 days age and will really try to use it.

Review by Lynn from Knutsford *****

Diagnosed with an arthritic hip 5 years ago. Physio suggested strenghening exercises for my leg muscles. However Legmaster has done a brilliant job and also given me better shaped legs. Can you do anything for my bingo wings??

Review by Colette from Brighouse ****

Excellent device, all friends and family love to try it out when they come around.

Review by Maria from West Sussex *****

I have been using it every day since purchase, not really seen any difference as yet but it has only been 18 days. It is easy to use, I keep it in my bedroom and use it first thing in the morning before my shower and again last thing in the evening before going to bed. I hope to see some difference soon as my main drive is a holiday in January and I hope to have slimmer more tonned thighs

Review by Judy from Dorset *****

I enjoy using my Leg Master because it takes up little time and I was able to improve my time on it very quickly. I have the equipment set up in the spare room and often do one minute while the kettle boils! I have been recovering from a broken ankle which took a long time to heal and the excercise has strengthened my legs in a short time thus easing the pain. Thank you so much.

Review by Lynn from Glasgow *****

It's just been a few weeks but so far so good. Easy to use. Set up in the TV room so can jump on and off easily. Very quick so suits my hectic lifestyle.

Review by Penny from West Sussex *****

easy to use has good effect doesn't take up much space and easy to hide away when done

Review by Alison from Kent *****

i love it - its so easy - im on mine everytime i make a cuppa!

Review by Kay from Leek *****

Found it easy to put together and get started. Have used it most days over the last 3 months and have noticed my legs are more toned and slimmer. Would definately recommend it to others.

Review by Josephine from Lincolnshire *****

Used a similar machine at the gym and liked it so bought yours. I try and do some every day and it certainly works. Started at 20 and now do 80 so obviously it strengthens the muscles and you can feel it working. Legs definitely look better and thighs and bottom tighter. Have recommended it to several friends who have ended up buying one as well

Review by Rachel from Hertfordshire ****

I bought the legmaster after seeing it on a shopping channel and I liked the idea of just being able to do few short minutes each day. I work 10 - 12 hours each day so I have very little time to exercise and often felt too tired to even start, now I manage to find a few minute each day to spend on the legmaster and incorporate a full workout at weekends. My legs already feel more toned after only a few weeks. Well worth the money.

Review by Sue from West Kirby ****

Excellent piece of equipment in my gym. Only weakness is the handle. It's never been straight and wobbles slightly. Have always tried to not put any weight on it.

Review by Francesca from Boroughbridge ****

I have the LegMaster and use it sporadically, usually prior to going on holiday, when i'll hammer it!!! I think its brilliant and only wish I had the motivation to do it regularly, so that I can benefit from the fantastic results I occasionally see!!

Review by Ruth from Devon *****

My Partner tells me it has made my bum travel back up my legs, and its getting pert.

Review by Steph from Croydon ****

My whole family is using it now I definatetly felt results quickly

Review by Sara from Aberdeenshire *****

The Legmaster is brilliant. It fits under my bed so I can pull it out and use it whenever I have a couple of minutes. Although I can only do 100 reps at the moment, I can feel and see it working - I'm delighted!

Review by Fiona from Falkirk *****

It's still easily accessible, if not used as often as it should be; much more than I can say for many bits of equipment bought over the years!

Review by Elsie from Saffron Walden *****

As a certified personal trainer and a soft tissue therapist, I have to say, your product is excellent. I have passed your weblink on to several clients and know a couple have made a purchase. Great work!

Review by Nicola from Cornwall ****

I have never been the sort of person to go to the gym, or join classes etc to try and get fit. I saw adverts for the Legmaster on TV, kept thinking about it, did some research then took the plunge and purchased Legmaster. I have been using it everyday for just over a week so far, in your literature it says that you won't notice a difference for a couple of weeks but i haver started to notice a difference already. I am so pleased with the results that i have had so far, but am really pleased that i have kept up with Legmaster in my day to day routine. It can be stored easily until you use it, simple to put together only took me 10 mins. I was expecting the Legmaster to be more expensive so it made a nice surprise when i found out that it was less than one hundred pound. The Legmaster is now part of my life and i will never go back. Thank you Nicola

Review by Selina from Kent *****

Ithink the legmaster is the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever bought and recommend it to everyone! Brilliant!

Review by Sarah from Solihull/UK *****

I love my leg master, Have really started to see/feel the difference myself and other are passing comment too. So easy to fit into my life as a working mum and wife, just a few minutes a day and makes a great difference. Easy to store away too

Review by Megan from Andover Hampshire ****

I have recently been diagonsed with Arthritis in my hip, just after I bought my Leg Master. I have how ever continued to use it, difficult sometimes but I hope that it will strengthen it. I enjoy using the Leg Master.

Review by Zoe from Eastbourne *****

It's great! You can use it whilst watching the TV, listening to music, waiting for the kettle to boil, in between cooking! It really does work.

Review by Suzie from Cambridgeshire *****

Leg Master is great when I do it! You can feel the muscles working straight away

Review by Honor from Salisbury *****

All of my friends have been impressed and my sister in law, so impressed that she was going on line to order one for herself! Would be nice if it folded a bit smaller to tuck away, cos my other half moans about it as it is in such constant use that it never gets put away! Thank you gadget show for showing me the way but I still don't look as good as Suzy Perry!

Review by Ann from Cleethorpes *****

As a mother and wife who works beyond my 40 hours a week and who's job is a desk job I find very little time to exercise and achieve the goal I set myself. This piece of equipment is ideal, I've managed to lose some of the weight off the top of my legs and also managed to build strength in the lower back.

Review by Lisa from Worcester ****

very good piece of equipment. My only comment would be that the handle doesn't seem particularly strong and has collapsed into the bottom part on several occasions. I have tightened the knob but it still doesn't hold sometimes.

Review by Dolores from London *****

I really do feel it makes a noticeable difference even if I only use it for less 10 minutes per day. It has toned my legs and strenghened my core. My chiropractor remarked on this as I started using it again after not using it for 6 months.

Review by Wendi from Birmingham ****

As somebody who hates exercise and makes excuses not to do it I was attracted by the thought of achieving toned legs in only a minute a day. However, the legmaster is tougher than it looks. That minute seems to last a very long time. My legs ached badly for at least 2 weeks until I got used to it. I did feel a sense of achievement as I was able to build up the number of reps quite quickly. Although there are no visible results yet I can actually feel my muscles getting harder and this is motivating me to persevere. Will definitely keep using it and would recommend the LegMaster.

Review by Waters from Reading ****

I love my leg master. It only takes a few mins everyday and the results are so good. I leave it out all the time unless I have visitors and I get quite cross with myself when I haven't used it for a period of time. I doa lot of walking (at least 4 hours a week for a min of 30mins at a time) but found I still need some additional toning and as my legs are my main problem area the LegMaster is the ideal solution. I've recommended it to family and friends too..... specially those that have commented on how I have slimed down my thighs. It was a big expense at the time but well worth it. Would love to know what the LegMaster Power is all about but not sure I would splash out on that as I have the orignal one.

Review by Emma from London *****

It's brilliant - if I don't feel up to a full work-out at the gym, I jump ont he legmaster for about 10-15 minutes in the morning before I go in the makes all the difference for my energy levels during the restof the day :o)

Review by Karen from Twickenham *****

It is brilliant. I have had it a week and can see the difference already! Use it all the time as it is in the dining room and on the way to the the kitchen, Cant wait to see the results in 2/3 weeks.

Review by Liz from Ayrshire *****

Have been addicted to my legmaster since i got it, i have seen a big difference in the shape and tone of my legs. great buy and well worth the money. i would not part with it for anything.

Review by Jo from Bedford *****

I play regular sport and have done all my life but I do suffer with chunky legs despite what I do to train them but I have to say the legmaster I brought has made a difference in how my clothes feel and I now feel confident enough to wear a skirt which is a major break through for me. I'm glad I watched dragons den and found your product!!

Review by Sheila from Bristol ****

I bought my legmaster this year started useing it and loved it,had to stop because of illness back on it now i like it because i can use it any time i like, just a few min every time i go into my bedroom so i never get bored.

Review by Barbara from Ascot *****

I think the LegMaster is great for many reasons but especially for three main ones, first that the exercise machine doesn't take up too much room in your bedroom/bathroom or wherever you do your exercise; secondly that it takes only minutes each day to achieve fantastic toning results; and thirdly that it doesn't put any strain on your back, knees or hips. This latter point is so important in my age group (I'm 53 but obviously I still feel in my mid 40's due to regular use of the LegMaster!). My LegMaster was a present to myself just before my 50th birthday and is still going strong just like me.......

Review by Louise from Consett *****

I have been using my legmaster for some time now and have noticed a considerable difference to my posture and strength in my upper and lower body, would highly recommend this to anyone.

Review by Diana from Sussex ****

Great machine! Should have a counter though, am sick of counting to 150 or more on a good day! So make an lcd display. But am very happy!

Review by Julia from Gloucestershire *****

Fab machine!

Review by Tracy from Warwickshire *****

I have really enjoyed my legmaster. I dont have to get changed into my gym stuff and it only takes a few minutes out of my day and i feel it working. Great purchase

Review by Michaela from Elgin *****

Just brilliant. So far, the most simple and effective piece of equipment I have bought. Very happy.

Review by Suzie from London ****

Easy to use, doesn't take up much space either. Just need to get into the habit of using it regularly. Certainly made me feel better about starting my diet!

Review by Dawn from Newcastle Upon Tyne *****

Easy to use and good value for money. Instead of starting off doing the suggested 20 'reps' per day I began doing as many as I could (about 60) and increased by 1 per day as suggested. Now, after only 2 months I'm up to 240 'reps' - without stopping, and counting. I use whilst watching tv or listening to music and I'm finished before I realise. Finally, not only have I noticed the difference in definition in my legs, other people have too. Which is a great incentive for me to carrry on using my Legmaster.

Review by Pam from Buckinghamshire *****

I use my LegMaster whenever i get any spare time, I have it in our spare bedroom, I manage to get my husband to use,he never exercises,but will use the LegMaster,in fact he shows me up as I am the one thats always exercised.We use the LegMaster with the three weights on each side.When you get to a certain age, and wont to look good,and keep fit we find the LegMaster an easy way to do it, with out taking to long to achieved good results.

Review by Valerie from London *****

Amazingly, I can fit in 2 minutes on the LegMaster (up from 1 minute already!) in between ALL the other things I have that keep me busy and distracted in a normal day! The simplicity to use is pure genius....and it's the first piece of home equipment I have continually used...and can't imagine ever not using! There's no excuse! Thank you!

Review by Angela from Canterbury *****

I love it! it is ideal for me as I can do short bursts of exercise and get a real sense of achievement. I can fit it round other activities like waiting for the kids to get ready in the morning before taking them to school, it is so easy to find a few minutes here and there to use the LegMaster rather than having to try to find a whole hour or more to go swimming or running. I think it is brilliant.

Review by Kirsteen from East Lothian ****

I unfortunately no longer have my legmaster - my husband had a clear out! I did really enjoy using it and as I have the body shape thats puts weight on the bottom half of my body - bum & thighs - the leg master was the best thing I've ever used to target these areas. The best thing about using it is that the routine can be fitted into the day really easily and was very enjoyable. I've tried to buy another one but second hand ones don't come up very often, I might have to give hints to my husband to get me one for Christmas! Thank you for getting in touch with me, I have really enjoyed this product and found it to be the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever bought.

Review by Carolyn from Hampshire ****

A little use goes a long way. It is probably impossible to use it for long periods anyway unless you are superman. I found a regular 5-10 minutes a day soon shows results on waist as well as legs and bum. Your stamina builds up quickly as well. The hard bit is keeping yourself motivated to use it all the time. It is preferable to build it into your daily routine if possible. I did alright then stopped using it. I have recently started again in the hope some improvement will encourage me to keep going.

Review by Paula from Tamworth *****

My legmaster is the best thing i have ever brought and it motivates me to do more exercise.

Review by Carolyn from Swindon *****

Great product, easy to you, haven't had it very long but can feel the difference already...A+

Review by Fiona from Bromley *****

I love the legmaster.It is compact neat and so quick and easy to use.I have recommended it to so many clients and friends.It is easy to promote as it truly works!Love it.!

Review by Sally from Malmesbury ****

I really like the Leg Master. As you might guess from my answers, I am still incorporating it into my life!

Review by Karen from Gloucestershire ****

Easy to use, jump on anytime during day, and it works

Review by Mandy from Leicestershire ****

I enjoy using the legmaster every day, it only takes a few minutes and is easy to fit into each day, I can feel the difference in my legs and bottom.

Review by Janet from Surrey *****

Easy and quick to use with relatively fast results.

Review by Michelle from Maidstone *****

Its there in front of me, no excuse, jump on it in the morning, when I get in from work, great as time is of the essence. No setting up, no getting ready to go out, great. Just have one question, how much time minimum do you think I should spend on my legmaster to get effect, only just started so only been spending about 20 minutes a day at the moment (2 x 10mins). Am I doing enough do you think?

Review by Patricia from Edmonton *****

on first recieving the leg master my first thought was oh my I put it to gether stood back and looked at it. thinking to my self it is not going to I took my first ride on it. and my legs hurt like hell. on my first use I did about 60 strides and have continued to use it twice daily.and to my amazement my thighs and legs started to change.I have always had big thighs,but now they look sleeker and toned. It is also helping to strenthen my muscles.due to hip replacements.and a lot of pain.the pain has subcided and feeling a lot better in my healthy state of mind.The only downfall to the leg master is that it did not come with a stride counter plus cal I alway loose my I do it by the minitues I take.and try to it increase it a minute at a time. I took a chance and it dose realy work Thank you

Review by Christine from Maidenhead *****

I am really enjoying exercising with the Legmaster. It is not difficult to find enough time to use it and it really does work on the bits that are difficult to tone. It is great to be able to exercise without changing my clothes and without having to go out of the house

Review by Ali from Cambridgeshie ****

leg master really good. Hubby uses it too. It is the best way to feel less of a slob when time is really against me!

Review by Yvonne from Wiltshire *****

I love my legmaster. Even I can spare a minute a couple of times a day. It takes up hardly any space and although I haven't lost any weight (that would be the custard creams I am unable to give up) my jeans are looser around the thighs and I can definitely feel thighs and hips are toning up slowly.

Review by Rosa from Bedfordshire ****

quick and easy. feel good about doing abit of positive exercise easy to store/accessible works

Review by Tracey from Highbridge *****

I have always had muscled legs from having horses but i could really feel the Leg Master working muscles that i never knew i had before and now my legs look and feel great and they have definately shaped and slimmed. A amazing product that i still use every day as it is so quick and simple.

Review by Kate from West Yorkshire *****

I have found it extremely easy to set up and use. It really beats having to go out to the gym!

Review by Helen from Chipping Norton ****

Love the leg master - recieved leg master but broke and was instantly sent a repalcement hoiwever as a note the first leg master was not working properly as I could instantly do 180 swings with 2 weights on -with little effort now I have the new leg master it is really doing the work and making the difference.

Review by Melanie from Middlesex *****

I was initially a little concerned because it seemed to be a little flimsy, but I have been proved wrong. It's an awesome bit of kit - easy to use, easy to increase intensity and something everyone can use for a few minutes a day. Brilliant!

Review by Tracey from Germany ****

Initially strange but works, can definately feel it!

Review by Susan from Melton Mowbray *****

I have always had 'big legs'. Muscley, due to jogging and cycling, but since using the leg master power, my thighs have toned up and the muscles lenghtened. I use it 5 times a day for 2 mins and think it is brilliant. My cellulite is being punished into submission.... thanks very much! Shirley

Review by kay from Bristol ****

im currently unable to use the gym due to illness but i ordered the legmaster and it was the best thing i could have done! i use it everyday with a rest day and it is fantastic, not only could i feel it working from my very first go, it has helped to give me the buzz i was getting from using the gym. i will continue to use it when i have returned to the gym, it is now a huge part of my keep fit regime. And the results are amazing! Thankyou LegMaster!!

Review by Elaine from Hampshire *****

Great piece of kit added to my little mini gym at home. Use it every day and over 6 weeks lost half an inch from each thigh.

Review by Maria from Hartlepool *****

I love the Leg master. I use it daily as part of my fitness regime and have noticed a big difference in the tone of my leg muscles. I will continue to use it every day.I have had a few exercise machines over the years but this one is the only one that I have stuck to .

Review by Michael from London *****

I have an injured leg and as I can't run LEG MASTER has strengthened my damaged leg and has kept my good leg strong.

Review by Julie from Potters Bar ****

Easy to use

Review by Emma from Worcester *****

With not much time on my hands my legmaster is great because it is so quick and easy to use. I can feel and see the benefits....I love it.

Review by Lorna from Falkirk *****

Was a bit sceptical when I bought legmaster, but once you get to your third week you can start to notice and feel and difference. I still do my leg master 5 days a week and really enjoy it. It takes virtually no time at all and I feel and look a lot better.

Review by Janet from Hanwell *****

I find the Legmaster so simple to use and also to store. It is space saving and easy to get out and use. I love it.

Review by Saira from Bromley *****

Have had my legmaster power for about 6 months and use it most days and I think it's BRILLIANT!! I've really noticed a difference to the shape of my thingys and it's so quick and easy to use - I've told all my friends they need to get one too!!

Review by Adrian from Edinburgh *****

Really helped my back as I had a prolapsed disk and it has firmed up the muscles in my back as well as buttocks/legs.

Review by Alison from Doncaster ****

Very effective if you use it every day.Doesn't take up much time. Do wish the machine folded up to take up less space

Review by Helen from Reading ****

Gosh it hurts at first! Obviously never used my inner thigh muscles in that way and could barely walk after using it the first time. I've now worked up to using it everyday (this was gradual, used it every other day for a fortnight or so) and definately beginning to feel my tighs getting firmer. Still a bit unsure how long it should be used everyday. Also wondered if it works at all on lower leg muscles, eg calves, as thats a particular problem area for me. Early days still but definately seems like a good product. Harriet

Review by Rosa from Milton Keynes *****

Excellent piece of equipment. Easy and quick to use. When I first got on it I could even manage !. Have built up to 100 daily now.

Review by Jody from Dartford *****

Really easy to assemble, store and not too big to use in the living room. Was easy to fit in sets of reps throughout the day & not feel bad about not doing any exercise!!

Review by Wendy from Ardrossan ****

As an unfit overweight 56 year old I have found that the more I use the legmaster the easier it gets. I am using it in conjunction with going to the gym and weightwatchers so I am hoping for great results so watch this space!

Review by Elaine from Leamington Spa *****

i think the legmaster is an excellent way to exercise. i can hop on and off throughout the day,so i don,t get bored with it , and it really works for the legs and bum area,s .

Review by Connor from Campeltown *****

Great improvement in leg muscles....So easy to use even while talking to friends or waiting for my tea

Review by Jane from Warrington ****

I get on it occasionally and have never yet been able to do the programme by keeping up with the DVD! Think it's great though

Review by Rachel from Kent *****

Love it. Everyone's seen a difference. Have it set up in kitchen (even though have exercise room!) so I can jump on it whenever. Even husband doesn't mind it being there because of results.

Review by Cathy from Sandhurst *****

I really enjoy using it. Its easy & I don't get all hot & sweaty.

Review by Carol from Guildford ****

i have used the legmaster every day (apart from one week when on holiday) and have had this approx 4 months, i want to know how many minutes per day i need to use it to get results. the instrurctions suggest starting off with 20 secs and increasing but there is no real guide. i havent had the results i've wanted despite doing a minimum of 5 mins per day and following the diet (on the link from your website). i still use it as it suits my lifestyle being able to do short bursts but i would like some advice on how to get the best results and how many mins per day i should be doing? thanks.

Review by Marie from Harrow ****

it's true that just 5 mins every couple of days, does keep your legs toned, and bottom firm. Once i've done it a couple of times a week i feel i've accomplished something

Review by Rebecca from Essex *****

This is the best thing i have ever bought. I run every day but this works on all the places that the run dosen't. I also have two retriever dogs to excersise and still had issues with certain parts of my leg area. This has by following the programme sorted out the issues i had. Your husband is a very clever man. Thanks very much as this was a pure impulse buy! I found it easy to assemble and store (Although it is out all the time at the moment. Becky

Review by Lisa from Cardiff ****

When I do decide to use the leg master I can instantly feel the effects in my legs and thighs. I feel good when I get of the couch and use it. It's fab and I will use it more often.

Review by Sharon from Solihull *****

It is the PERFECT exerciser for me! I'm a busy mum of 3 who has 3 part time jobs. I'm always on the go, racing around etc but never really exercise properly! Untill now!!! I use the leg master everyday ( no matter how tired, busy etc) because it's quick and i can feel the results instantley!!!! I love it. Thank you so much for leg master. I have made it part of my daily routine, just like brushing my teeth! Can't wait for next sumer now to show off my toned legs!

Review by Louise from Edinburgh *****

I love it. Makes such an impact so easily. I have told so many people about it and given demos - they all want one. It sits in my drawing room so I can watch tv, spend time with my 2 boys etc and tone up at the same time. Thank you thank you thank you. Louise

Review by Angie from Devon ****

Easy to use and I found it great that you can jump on it and do a few minutes any time of the day. Whilst the legmaster did slightly improve my leg tone it didn't improve as much as I was hoping considering the amount of time I used it.

Review by Emma from Lytham *****

I love my leg master but have been using it for 6 months with all the weights on and it has got too easy!

Review by Jennifer from Auchtermuchty ****

my husband and i still use it every morning but unfortunately we have not managed more than 60 reps which we are miffed at ; we just do a little often, and i do like the way it is toning my legs and tummy,i also still use my back and neck stretcher which i have had for years now, thanks.

Review by Maria from Surrey *****

I have noticedy legs and bum are looking much more toned and lost an inch or so from using the machine twice a day for about 3 months now. Have recommend it to lots of people.

Review by Leanne from Trowbridge *****

Easy to use, easy to store. The only piece of equipment I have ever invested in and have absolutely no regrets. Great product.

Review by Brenda from London ****

I think the LegMaster is great as you can do really worthwhile exercise in a very short time. I would be absolutely thrilled if you could invent something that does the same for the arms...please?! I would prefer the LegMaster not to be such a bold purple colour, though - it doesn't go with my more subtle decor!

Review by Margie from Buckinghamshire *****

Brill machine and so easy to use - I have it in my bedroom so no excuses for not jumping on in the morning and also at night if I have not used it in the morning?

Review by Lucy from Nottinghamshire *****

I compete at Endurance riding which can mean that I spend 8hrs a day in the saddle. Previously I would start to ache about half way through the race and be unable to walk the next morning without difficulty and pain. Since purchasing and using my LegMaster I have found I ache less (if at all on the shorter training rides) my thighs are much slimmer which has led to a more stable leg position on the horse so I have been unbalanced less and have been able to increase my speeds over rough terrain. As I have become more successful I have been asked what has changed and I have recommended the LegMaster to several friends who have then bought one for themselves.

Review by Evaly from Norfolk *****

very easy and quick to do,so i actually use it!

Review by Jenny from London ****

I have a lot of problems with my knees, and now that I am older I increasingly avoided doing any thing and that my problems got worse. Eventually I had six weeks of physio as my problems moved to my lower back and hip area. After the six weeks I continued to do 15mins of exercise on the bed each morning. However I noticed that my legs (thighs) were very weak and I never seemed to get time to go for a long walk. So I brought a thigh exerciser (9.99 Argos) and did 100 of this each morning along with the other exercises. Still felt that this was not working even with the Tuesday nights Pilates class. Then I searched around QVC for an exercise machine, the one the I was interested in meant I was kneeling - which worried me. So I started to look for other machines and discovered LegMaster and ordered within 2 weeks. (takes me a long time to decide). I love the fact that you increase the repetition by one every day - genius. I am now up to 50. It is funny because my knees are complaining but not badly, so I put on my knee support and it seems to be working. Plus I adjusted my posture (as per physio class) and this makes my thighs work. I have felt discomfort however once I go for a work it go's away. The legmaster is making it easier for me to walk - feels a lot better. If I miss a day my legs do not like it, I move around better once I use the LegMaster. I feel stronger every day. Still a long way to go and worried may not get there - but it is so good to have something in the home that is so quick and easy to use. The LegMaster is now part of my morning routine and my hips are already trimming up. I had almost lost hope that I can trim and shape up my legs and hips. Loving my LegMaster. Big Thank you.

Review by Rosie from Stoke-on-Trent *****

When I first used it i did feel it pulled my thigh so took it really gentle at first, think it firms my butt and fims my legs

Review by Barbara from Nottingham *****

I was getting ready for my sister's wedding, weight to lose and needed to tone up - saw Legmaster on the Gadget show and was very excited at the prospect of being able to do a little exercise with a lot of return. I used if avidly for 6 weeks and the difference in my legs, tummy and pelvic floor muscles was noticable. All my friends have had a go and are well impressed when i tell them i can do 500 at a time when they are struggling to do 10 - although i do admit to the fact that I couldn't do more than 20 to start with and felt like I'ld been riding a horse!!! The legmaster is great, I love it, the kids love it and most importantly my husband loves the effect of it.

Review by Mary from London ****

Great idea, fits neatly at the end of my bed with the footpads under the bed so can't ever forget it is there. Great for short stretch breaks to suplement Gym.

Review by Susan from Leicestershire *****

I love this machine! It's so easy to use, and it really works! This is a supplement to my existing fitness regime - 120 reps in the morning and 120 reps last thing at night (and the occasional 40-50 reps some evenings when I get home) and my legs are shaping up beautifully after only 3 weeks!

Review by Sandy from Kent *****

You only need a couple of minutes to do the exercises with the LegMaster. Because it is so easy to do none of the above excuses prevent me from using it daily. I am really pleased with my LegMaster and it was well worth the money spent.

Review by Tracey from Ruislip *****

I have been using the legmaster for about 2 months. I love the machine and it's so easy to store. i use it for 150 reps in the morning and the same before bed.

Review by Jezz from Leeds. Yorkshire *****

I could feel it working the very first time I used it. It is fantastic and it actualy encourages me to exercise.

Review by Tracy from Northolt *****

I think the Legmaster is a great machine it exercises the muscle that I need to tone and even keeps the kids occupied.

Review by Bebe from Winchester ****

Generally very pleased - was expecting the weights to have more of an impact. Also was expecting it to fold up and be put away easily without dismanteling. However, generally very pleased!

Review by Linda from Kent *****

I have been very impressed with the legmaster excellent value for money. It is so easy to us and usually try and use it every day. I have noticed a considerable difference in the shape of my legs.

Review by Mandy from Toomebridge *****

I have been using the Legmaster power now for roughly 2 weeks and already notice a difference in the size and tone of my calf muscles. I found myself a bit sore though at the start. I find it so much easier to fit into my daily routine than going out of the house to exercise. I am hoping that with more use i will be able to get the results advertised on your'e website

Review by Kirsty from Middlesex ****

A great machine, I could feel it working! It is very big and hard to store anywhere easily as it is also quite heavy. Due to this it was not used often enough as it was kept in the shed. Due to this I actually gave the machine away.

Review by Rebecca from Kent *****

Really convenient, I use this just before I go to bed and keep it under the bed so I pull it out just before I sleep and use it while wearing my pyjamas, I could see results really quickly and the chart gives you managable goals, really good piece of equipment.

Review by Sarah from Tadcaster *****

It was very easy to put together and really easy to use. I try and and a minute at a time a few times a day and my daughter loves it as it is helping her with horse riding.

Review by Kim from Lewes *****

I love the legmaster. It is easy to use and even though I only manage 100 reps per day I can see the difference, especially the top inner thigh. Cycling uphill is easier and it has toned my thighs too! Easy to store under the bed and only takes two minutes per day - excellent.

Review by Mo from Truro *****

Brilliant what else can I say only had it a few days and feeling the difference already. it is great for older people as well as young, I do it 3 times a day at 20 moves a session, this way i am getting a very good use but not feeling it too much in one session. I incorporate it with other exercises and boy i wish i had this sort of equipment years earlier marvellous best buy of equipment I have ever spent. LOVE IT!

Review by Sarah-Jane from London *****

I can describe the LegMaster in two words: effective and fun! I've set it up in the living room in front of the tv and I give myself 5 minute blasts throughout the morning as I'm getting ready for work, and in the evening as I'm pottering around. I'm over the 40 mark and had resigned myself to skirts below the knee. Trousers were definitely out. I've never liked my legs, especially my knees, often comparing them to a footballer's (on a good day). The LegMaster has changed all that and the results are incredible. I've lost inches on my thighs and knees. They have definition without bulk. Now all I need is a new wardrobe... Thank you!

Review by Liz from Leatherhead ****

I do use it most days and like doing it. Have not achieved the results yet that I want, my thighs feel better toned when I tense them, but otherwise there's not much difference. Maybe its a case of losing fat on them first before the toned muscles begin to show!

Review by Joanne from Staffordshire *****

fantastic, the appearance of cellulite on my legs has improved and legs and bum feel alot more toned.

Review by Anne from France *****

Over the years I have bought several items of keep fit stuff but Legmaster is the only one that I have seen results with. The others have gone by the by......................

Review by John from Liverpool ****

great machine tones legs very well without causing bulkiness

Review by Jan from Essex ****

Bought it initially for my daughter who hates running - however I use it daily - short spurts of 50 and have already noticed my inner thighs tightening - don't notice any diference though in outer legs or bottom and abdomen. All said though find it an easy quick bit of equipment and will look forward to the overall results

Review by Derek from Surrey *****

The greatest exerciser you could think of so simple.

Review by Victoria from Manchester ****

I am very impressed with the Legmaster and I began to see results very quickly as my strength improved with each session. I hop on and off the machine throughout the day when I have a spare 10mins and that way I don't see it as a chore and I really enjoy trying to better my best each time. Unfortunatly I have not been able to excercise for the last six months as I had an operation on my lower back. Now I am all mended, I am itching to get back to using the Leg Master, so as soon as I have my consultants OK I will be back to it! It's a great fitness tool that targets one of the hardest areas to tone, so I'm looking forward to seeing my toned legs again! Kind regards, Victoria Headington

Review by Karen from Sawbridgeworth *****

I bought this a few years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did. I've often bought things on the spur of the moment, exercise wise, and never used them or just used them for a while and then given up, but I still use the legmaster now, and so does my daughter. I would recommend to anyone ... especially someone as lazy as me! No excuses required, just a few minutes a day is all it takes. Fab.

Review by Lesley from Grays Essex *****

I could feel the difference immediately, within one week I had toned my legs to the extent I had lost 1&1/2 inches off my thighs and 1 inch just above my knees. I have just come back from holiday lazing for 2 weeks and need to get straight back to exercising.

Review by Marlene from Hull ****

Easy to use. Good for shaping the legs. The only drawback is the noise so need a carpeted floor away from others listening to tv etc.

Review by Sharon from Scotland *****

I love the legmaster. My 2 year old son binned the booklet that comes with it. Can you tell me how many I should do a day to see a difference? Thanks 7 Kind regards, Sharon

Review by Deborah from Bedfordshire *****

Easy to use, and great as you only really need to go on it for a minute a day, which i tend to do as soon as i get home from work. But on the odd occasion when i have more time i just jump on & off. Also doesn't take up much space so i don't have to fold away which encourages me to use it.

Review by Ranjit from London *****

After 10 days, I can see a difference - it is easy to build up the numbers. Is there an equivalent for the upper/waist body?

Review by Sally from West Yorkshire *****

it doesn't matter if its pouring down, or kit's in the wash, with the leg master there's no need to go out or have special kit, i've had mine for a few years now and it was a really good investment.

Review by Emma from Downham Market *****

I have found the leg master to be a real asset. Its in the living room and i use it every day because its so easy to just get on for a couple of minutes. I love it

Review by Laura from Kent *****

i really love the legmaster it is so easy to use and convenient. i love that you exercise numerous muscle groups all at once and that you can really feel it working immediately. i would be great if the handle could fold down for easier storage. other than that i can not fault this at all a great product. with alot of exercise equipment you purchase it and are left disappointed when it arrives but the legmaster does exactly what it claims to do. before purchasing it really helped my decision to buy watch the gadget shop using the equipment. great marketing

Review by Justine from Liverpool *****

The leg master is amazing and i've noticed a big difference with tone and also weight loss! Everyone has commented on the reduction in my bum which as a woman can only be a good thing!

Review by Maura from Birmingham ****

fabulous workout with no sweat. Can use it for 5 minutes or 20 minutes depending on how you feel

Review by KAREN from STRATHAVEN *****

I have bought many 'gadgets' in my time but this is the best value for money which I have purchased. I use it twice a day and do 30 reps and what a difference it makes to my legs. I had an Emergency Section and have not broke sweat getting rid of my 'muffin tum', just 30 reps twice a day and my abdomen is back to as norm as it can be after 2 kids! Well worth the money

Review by Val from Plymouth *****

I have a busy life and work in an office, so do not get as much exercise as I would like. Since using Legmaster I find my legs are much stronger and walking, especially uphill, is much easier. I generally feel much fitter and my leg, thigh and buttock muscles have definitely improved. My husband, who has a much more physical occupation, has found the same.

Review by Susan from Coventry ****

It's a really good piece of equipment but it's hard and each time you have a lapse of a few days or weeks it's equally hard to get going again. I wish I could persevere with it because it would be great to have toned legs again. It's one of those things where you really need a personal coach to keep you motivated and make sure you don't use excuses to put it off.

Review by Nicola from Bedford *****

It is very easy to use and if you use it regularly it really works, but you do need to keep using it. It is easily stored and you can use it inside in the winter or outside in the summer. You can also use it while watching the tv or listening to music.

Review by Jennifer from Leighton Buzzard *****

Great little gadget - it's behind the sofa in front of the telly and I do my exercises whilst watching telly! Everyone has a go on it when they see it!

Review by Sarah from Framfield *****

Excellent way to tone legs, easy to use, assemble and only takes a few mins of each day.

Review by Sharon from Broxbourne *****

I do my exercise first thing in the morning and sometimes in the evening and I've definately noticed a difference in the shape and strength. If I'm honest, I could do it more.

Review by Ann from Caerphilly *****

The LegMaster is the best bit of kit I've ever come across. It quick and easy(ish) and the whole family enjoy using it. Results were evident within weeks.

Review by Emma from Leicestershire *****

I absolute love it - use it daily and the results I quickly got. Do wish it had a counter to keep track of the no. of slides completed but that would be the one and only thing which would improve it for me.

Review by Caroline from Isle Of Man *****

I love to keep fit and keep my body toned, LegMaster......Fantastic!!!!! when i'm catching up on my sky+ i get my LegMaster out and will do a quick workout and as they say " No pain No gain " Thank you LegMaster Love Ya x Caroline Gerrard

Review by Rachel from Darlington *****

I think the leg master is fab, i just dont use it often enough but when i do use it for more than a fewe days i start seeing results really quickly,

Review by Jennie from Wellingborough *****

I've always been quite slim except for my thighs and hips. I've tried all sorts of excercise but could never reduce the size of my hips and thighs. This actually works! I do 200 repetitons twice and days, which only takes me a couple of minutes - and I can do it in my dressing gown without the need to shower afterwards! I've can see a notable difference and my jeans/trousers feel looser. Love it! Highly recommend.

Review by Kate from Oxfordshire ****

l do love it as its simple to use but l don't use it as often as l should.It sits in the bedroom to remind me to use it it just took getting into the habit.

Review by Michelle from Glasgow *****

What a great invention!! I don't need to get changed or even dressed!! I can use it in the privacy of my own bedroom and can jump on and off as many times a day as I like. I usually make a pact with myself to use it each and every time I go upstairs!

Review by Rebecca from Pontefract *****

I exercise quite a bit & have done for years, I tend to do weight lifting - lifting the heaviest weight I can lift so I didn't think this machine would do much more for my legs than I already do. We bought the machine mainly for my husband as he avoids training his legs as they are already quite big and he doesn't want to make them bigger. Anyway I have been using LegMaster and my legs have never looked this good but more than that my backside has toned up like I never thought it could. Thanks.

Review by Lisa from Wilmslow *****

i use my legmaster everyday when i get home from work, i have increased my reps on a daily basis and have really started to see the difference in my legs, when i put weight on the first place it goes to is my hips and thighs, but the legmaster has started to solve this problem, i cannot see myself getting bored with this either as its so easy to use and i use mine after finishing a 10 hour nightshift everyday, now all i have to do is find something that tones my mid-drift as effective as the legmaster, it is definately worth the money, FANTASTIC piece of kit.

Review by Lucy from Derbyshire ****

I enjoy using it, although i dont think its very good on its own which when advertised it seems like thats all you need to do. i felt stronger after using it often, however it didnt help me lose any weight, so any toning is not visible

Review by Tracey from Solihull *****

Absolutely Love the Leg Master. I used to roller skate when I was in my teens and twenties, but with getting older and working long hours it became impossible to go rollerskating any where that I felt safe in the dark by the time I finished work or in the rain which we often have here. So when i got the Leg Master my legs were very untoned from years of not exercising them and with having 2 children . It feels like the same toning I got from the roller skating so my legs are now back to nearly as good condition as they used to be and I usually only use my Leg Master 3-4 times a week but it is really targeted and effective. Also have a much tighter bum too.

Review by Donna from Thatcham *****

Great product. I have been an avid exerciser for years and go to the gym regularly but have never seen any noticable difference in my legs. I exercise for 10 minutes every morning and evening on my Leg Master and for the first time I am seeing results; even my husband has noticed!

Review by Carolanne from Salisbury *****

I love exercise, will never use any excuse to get out of it. I love the legmaster, I set a challenge to myself to try and do more repetitions each day

Review by Jayne from Mid Glamorgan *****

I think the leg master is perfect for someone as lazy as me! I have little motivation for exercise and the gym yuck! The leg master uses little space in my living room and is powerful tool that really works with little effort. I'm really impressed as i have bought other gadgets before and they are now in the attic as another fad. Well done legmaster. Jayne x

Review by Zoe from Birmingham ****

i put it all together which was dead easy, compared with other exercise equipment and was on it within 15 mins. It is now behinmd my sofa so as i walk in from work, or wherever i give it a quick go and admit i love it. have also noticed a slight tone already on top of my legs, so it must be good thanx legmaster

Review by Julie from Northolt ****

I have had my legmaster power for 2 weeks I am increasing my reps daily and are noticing small changes.It was delivered quickly and was very easy to construct with good diagrams, the design of it is amazing. I look forward to slimmer legs in the future.

Review by Janice from Stockport *****

The Legmaster is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes. Can be fitted in at any time during the day, which is a definite bonus. Because it is so quick to complete the number of 'slides' was surprised the results showed quickly.

Review by Donna from Devizes *****

After using it 3-4 x daily for about a fortnight, I noticed a real difference in the feel of the muscles in my thighs and buttocks. I can't believe how quickly it works. I would normally see a fitness product like this and be quite sceptical - it was only after seeing the Gadget Show feature the legmaster and say how fantastic it was, I decided to purchase one - so glad I did!

Review by Sarah from Colchester ****

When I use it and stick with it, I do notice the difference after a few weeks. It is also good for the internal abdominal muscles. I can imagine the newer version is better. The original one that I have is quite rudimentary now. I like the way it takes up very little space too. My only problem is ME and getting myself disciplined to use it every day

Review by Coleen from Bracknell *****

I really enjoy using the legmaster - it's so easy to do one minute per day and it starts me off with my exercise routine. My legs have improved shape since using it six months ago - although I must admit that I havn't used it every day, as I have missed out on days!

Review by Angela from Stafford *****

Love it, we have positioned it in the breakfast room so I pop on it every day if only for ashort while, its the best excercise equipment we have. We have purchased other items e.g. a rowing machine but hardly ever used it and ended up selling it but we love the legmaster and everyone who comes to visit has a go, its great and its started to show results. Thank you LegMaster, we would love a new LegMaster Power so we could excercise together.

Review by Alison from Wimborne *****

After a couple of times I could really feel my legs working, it's a great piece of equipment and was very easy to put together. After 2 weeks I could really start to see and feel the difference when wearing my jeans.

Review by Bev from Bridgwater *****

A good spacesaving piece of equipment that you can feel. I gave mine to daughter as she moved into small flat so am now missing it.

Review by Steve from London *****

I use it everyday and try and increase usage as I go along, though I don't fill in sheets, just by time. Generally waste TV time (i.e. watch TV while exercising).

Review by Denise from Leeds ****

I bought the LegMaster Power last year after I had put on a lot of weight and wanted to get in shape for my holidays and to make me fitter. I love it. I am fifty seven years old so strenuous excercise is not an option. I do a little yoga and light weights for my upper body. I used to spend hours on my stepper but now I use my LegMaster Power. I have the best legs I have had since I was in my twenties. I never believe all the hype about excercise equipment but LegMaster Power had such reviews I thought I would give it a go. I have bought most of the excercise equipment on the market over the years and I have to say this is the best piece I have ever bought. Its suitable for all ages. There's no fuss. Even if you only have five minutes to spare you can just go on so no excuses about not having enough time. If I have one negative it is that it would be nice to have a counter. Thank you for giving me my shapely legs back. Denise

Review by Lynne from HARTLEPOOL *****


Review by Fiona from Staffordshire ****

Unfortunately I have not been able to use my leg master as much as i would like as i have been in hospital with my daughter for a while, however the week before we went i I did use it a couple of times a day and was impressed how quickly i could feel the muscles working. I am now loooking forward to using it on a regular basis and seeing fantastic results and hopefully my legs will be in the best shape since having my three children. kind regards

Review by Rachel from West Yorkshire *****

I think the Leg Master is fantastic. It has helped tone my bum and the tops of my legs up by only using it for a few minutes per day. I have recommended the Leg Master to all my friends. It brilliant.

Review by Karen from Sunderland *****

Easy to use. Kept behind the sofa for easy access. Really works for such a short time of effort

Review by Jeni from Hinckley *****

I have had arthroscopy surgery on both knees and have been told that they need replacing within the next 5 years. I have found that the legmaster has really helped with strengthening the muscles and has drastically reduced the swelling. I have to say it's the best piece of fitness equipment that I have ever bought.

Review by Sarah from Beckenham *****

Very easy to use and effective. Great as can do a short burst regularly without leaving the house!! Only downside is apparently makes a lot of noise (according to my family when they are in room below!).

Review by Faye from Milton Keynes *****

I like that it folds away easily and small enough to our away. I like that you can put it up in seconds and that you only have to do (can manage) 30 seconds at a time.

Review by Gill from London *****

excellent piece of fitness equipment. Instantly felt it working. Great for inner thighs.

Review by Mel from Essex *****

The Leg Master Power is a fantastic bit of equip Easy to assemble and even easier to use you can feel it working straight away targetting the problems areas!!! because you only have to spend a short time exercising on it a few times a day there really is no excuse for not getting fit. Thank you i love it!!!

Review by Donna from Leicester ****

i got great results when i used it for a sustained period of time

Review by Barbara from North Yorkshire ****

Easy to use and gets easier if you use it a little each day. I started at 20 and can now do 70. You do feel a bit wobbly after the first few uses but it does get better as do your legs.

Review by Andrew from Barnsley *****

I'm on the second weight (on either side)i'm up to 200 reps find it best to exercise every other day.The top of my legs are firmer i suppose that it has firmed my backside up also but as a bloke thats not the top of my list.Great equipment well made no complaints.

Review by Kim from LOUGHBOROGH *****


Review by Carolyn from West Yorkshire *****

First piece of exercise equipment I have bought which actually seems to be working and you can see results within a farily short period of time.

Review by Claudia-Jean from London *****

I bought the leg master about a year ago and only used it for about 6 months. I had fantastic results whilst using it, so much that my mum kept on nagging me for it so I ended up giving it to her when I was moving houses. I was planning to buy one for myself but never got round it but can honestly say that whilst using it my legs and butt were toned and my cellulite was much less visible.

Review by Kami from Letchworth *****

Found it easy to use andsaw results really quickly.

Review by Christine from Hertfordshire *****

Really easy to just jump on for a couple minutes several times a day and build up the number of repetitions. Surprising how a little and often really does strengthen the inner and outer leg muscles aswell as waking up the core strength!

Review by Katie from Essex *****

No excuses needed! - Very easy to find the time even when you are watching rubbish on the telly

Review by Matthew from Reading *****

Fantastic product. Recommended to parents & sister and they have both purchased. Just 10 minutes a day makes such a difference.

Review by Lois from Stroud *****

I am eighty-three years old and my leg muscles are very weak so I cannot walk very far. I find the LegMaster very helpful as it exerecises the muscles to a reeal ache without my having to walk. Very good for me, I think. Thank you Lois Hainsworth

Review by sandra from Norfolk ****

i really enjoyed using the legmaster, and noticed results whilst i was usig it . I found it a really enjoyble way to tone up my legs which is the area i have most problems with. i could use it in front of the tv, and the tme ;using it just flew. unfortunately it became damaged and i no longer have it. cant afford the gym so ll my good work ahs been undone

Review by Alison from North Yorkshire *****

I've had my Legmaster for around 3 years and I love it. When I first got it I used it regularly and had to build up my leg strength slowly. I saw very quick results with much more shapely thighs and a fat reduction on my hips. I now use it 1-2 times a week just to keep my legs in tone. I also do other exercise - aerobic and toning so the legmaster is part of my overall regular programme.