Frequently Asked Questions

The world's best selling inner thigh trainer

Q. What is the maximum weight the LegMaster can hold?
A. 17.5 stones or 249lbs or 113.4kg.

Q. Does it store away easily?
A. Yes. The LegMaster can easily be made
compact and would go under a bed or behind a door.
The handle bar is fully detachable.

Q Am I too old to use it?
A. Age is certainly not a barrier.

Q. Can I use it if I have a knee injury?
A. Not recommended if you have had recent knee surgery.
If you have any knee problems consult first with your
Medical Professional.

Q. Is it okay for tricky knees/backs/hips?
A. There is every chance it will strengthen muscles and ligaments not normally used. On the other hand it may aggravate your condition. First consult with your medical professional. You can, however, start very slowly and build up gradually as you become more accustomed to the action. And the range of motion can at first be very small. Once you have strengthened the muscles then you can increase the sweep. There is certainly no pressure on the knees/back/hips as there would be during stepping/jogging/cycling etc. Use your inner thigh muscles to draw in your legs and NOT your knees.

Q. Are there any special requirements to use this product safely?
A. It is essential to keep all children and pets away from this unit when in use.

Q. Do I need to be on a special diet to help with losing weight?
A. A special diet is not necessary. Be aware that if your intake of food is greater than your output of energy then the surplus will be stored as fat. Therefore eat a normal balanced diet, but reduce your overall quantities. Portion reduction combined with increased exercise is the best way to create and maintain a lean, toned body.

Q. Will I get big muscled thighs like a 'body builder'?
A. No. Leg Master will tone, shape and strengthen. But there is not a constant progressive overload, which is necessary to build 'body building' type muscles. You will not get big bulky legs. The opposite will occur, your legs will tone and shape to their best natural outline.

Q. What time of day is recommended for use of Leg Master?
A. It is purely whatever time is most convenient to you. Bear in mind it is regular daily use which produces the best results. Place your unit in your bedroom and use it before going to bed, or put it in your kitchen and hop on and off of it regularly for short bursts throughout the day.

Q. Do I need to hold the handles?
A. Yes. You must hold onto the handles at all times. The handles are there to assist with balance. Do not lean your whole body weight on the handles. Your feet should take your full body weight and be placed centrally on the foot platforms.

Q. My muscles ache after just 20 reps, is there something I am doing wrong?
A. No. This shows Leg Master is doing its job.

Q. How long will it take to see a difference?
A. Unbelievably you will know it is working after the first 20 seconds or so. You will feel an intense muscle fatiguing sensation. This shows that the product works. In terms of reshaping and toning you will notice a difference within 10 to 14 days. This will be helped further by reducing your calorie intake. i.e., eat less and exercise more to speed up results. But wait to see the results after 100 days.

Q. What height should the handles be at?
A. The handlebars should be set at a height to lightly rest your hands and to aid with your balance. Not too high that you have to lean backwards. And not too low that you have stoop forward (do not adjust height of handles whilst standing on platform).

Q. Can I use Leg Master without proper footwear?
A. We strongly recommend that while using Leg Master you wear proper foot attire at all times. It is better for your feet to always wear proper shoes when exercising. It is safer to wear protection for your feet when using exercise products with moving parts. Do NOT wear high heeled shoes when using this equipment.

Q. I feel lightheaded or dizzy what should I do?
A. Stop using Leg Master immediately. Lie down and rest if possible and try again the following day.

Q. Can I over do this exercise?
A. Your leg muscles probably will not have experienced this type of exercise for a long time. So it is prudent to start slowly and progressively build the time and number of leg sweeps. Your muscles will tire very easily at first and this is normal. If you feel excessive soreness of your muscles the following day - give yourself an extra days rest before resuming your program.

Q. What kind of clothing do I need to wear?
A. Clothing of a loose fitting nature especially around the hips and upper thighs is necessary. Tight skirts will impede and restrict movement.

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