LegMaster works…
and here's how!

How can 60 seconds of exercise really make a difference?
The secret is in the curved track, which works your muscles hard.

As you stand on the LegMaster, your body
weight rests on the lower section of the curved ramp.
But lifting your body weight up the ramp - even though
you're gliding gently - takes a lot of muscle-power.

Fortunately, the muscles that do the heavy lifting are
those of the inner thigh. These are the hard-to-reach
muscles, not normally used in exercise (which is the
reason they go soft and flabby).

Working those flabby inner thigh muscles is what the LegMaster does best - although it's excellent for training lateral thigh muscles (and your buttocks and your lower abdominals too).

On the inward sweep you engage your inner thigh muscles. On the outward sweep you use your buttocks and outer thighs. In every single action, over 200 muscles are fired. No wonder using the LegMaster tones and slims the lower body!

Unlike a stepper, stationary bicycle, or other leg exercise machines, which can take 20-30 minutes to work, you'll feel the effects of the LegMaster after only 20-30 seconds. On average, that's how long people start with - just 20-30 repetitions. And even after your fitness improves, you'll find one minute is long enough.

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Just get on and glide.

You will feel the effects of the LegMaster immediately: guaranteed.
You still need to eat sensibly.
You still need your cardio-vascular workouts.
LegMaster simply replaces your weighted workouts.
And the result is fabulous legs!


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