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  • The Gadget Show's Suzi Perry thinks it works

    "Possibly the best piece of exercise kit we've ever had on this show".

    "Possibly the best piece of exercise kit we've ever had on this show"

    - Suzi Perry, The Gadget Show

  • Stars of Strictly & Dancing on ice gave LegMaster top marks

    Strictly Come Dancing star Camilla Dallerup gave LegMaster full marks and Danniella Westbrook used it to tone up for Dancing on ice

    Celebs rave about LegMaster

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  • Scientists at Liverpool Hope University found that LegMaster works better than the gym

    And they found a 21% reduction in body fat too! Read the research study report for yourself right here:

    University study shows how LegMaster works better than the gym


  • Fitness experts rave about the LegMaster in the press

    Read about what the press say about LegMaster.

    Press articles that rave about LegMaster

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    The Sun's Fit Squad Monica Grenfell of News of the World The Daily Mail's Hilary Freeman
  • Thousands of women have slimmer legs with LegMaster

    Watch Tracy, Gloria, Danielle, Nancy & Hailey describe their experience with LegMaster in their own words.

    Real women talk about their experience with LegMaster

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    Gloria Danielle Nancy & Hailey

Reviews from hundreds of satisfied LegMaster owners:

  • Review by Derek from Surrey *****

    The greatest exerciser you could think of so simple.

  • Review by Sharon from Scotland *****

    I love the legmaster. My 2 year old son binned the booklet that comes with it. Can you tell me how many I should do a day to see a difference? Thanks 7 Kind regards, Sharon

  • Review by Jody from Dartford *****

    Really easy to assemble, store and not too big to use in the living room. Was easy to fit in sets of reps throughout the day & not feel bad about not doing any exercise!!

  • Review by Bev from Bridgwater *****

    A good spacesaving piece of equipment that you can feel. I gave mine to daughter as she moved into small flat so am now missing it.

  • Review by Selina from Kent *****

    Ithink the legmaster is the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever bought and recommend it to everyone! Brilliant!

  • Review by Jenny from Wareham *****

    I love the legmaster and know it works, i got mine out again 2 days age and will really try to use it.

  • Review by Gill from London *****

    excellent piece of fitness equipment. Instantly felt it working. Great for inner thighs.

  • Review by Tracey from Germany ****

    Initially strange but works, can definately feel it!

  • Review by Sarah from Framfield *****

    Excellent way to tone legs, easy to use, assemble and only takes a few mins of each day.

  • Review by Rosa from Milton Keynes *****

    Excellent piece of equipment. Easy and quick to use. When I first got on it I could even manage !. Have built up to 100 daily now.

  • Review by Ann from Caerphilly *****

    The LegMaster is the best bit of kit I've ever come across. It quick and easy(ish) and the whole family enjoy using it. Results were evident within weeks.

  • Review by Mandy from Leicestershire ****

    I enjoy using the legmaster every day, it only takes a few minutes and is easy to fit into each day, I can feel the difference in my legs and bottom.

  • Review by Sally from West Yorkshire *****

    it doesn't matter if its pouring down, or kit's in the wash, with the leg master there's no need to go out or have special kit, i've had mine for a few years now and it was a really good investment.

  • Review by Zoe from Eastbourne *****

    It's great! You can use it whilst watching the TV, listening to music, waiting for the kettle to boil, in between cooking! It really does work.

  • Review by Ali from Cambridgeshie ****

    leg master really good. Hubby uses it too. It is the best way to feel less of a slob when time is really against me!

  • Review by Rachel from West Yorkshire *****

    I think the Leg Master is fantastic. It has helped tone my bum and the tops of my legs up by only using it for a few minutes per day. I have recommended the Leg Master to all my friends. It brilliant.

  • Review by Tracy from Warwickshire *****

    I have really enjoyed my legmaster. I dont have to get changed into my gym stuff and it only takes a few minutes out of my day and i feel it working. Great purchase

  • Review by Emma from Worcester *****

    With not much time on my hands my legmaster is great because it is so quick and easy to use. I can feel and see the benefits....I love it.

  • Review by Cathy from Sandhurst *****

    I really enjoy using it. Its easy & I don't get all hot & sweaty.

  • Review by Joanne from Staffordshire *****

    fantastic, the appearance of cellulite on my legs has improved and legs and bum feel alot more toned.

  • Review by Rosa from Bedfordshire ****

    quick and easy. feel good about doing abit of positive exercise easy to store/accessible works

  • Review by Adrian from Edinburgh *****

    Really helped my back as I had a prolapsed disk and it has firmed up the muscles in my back as well as buttocks/legs.

  • Review by Donna from Leicester ****

    i got great results when i used it for a sustained period of time

  • Review by Janet from Surrey *****

    Easy and quick to use with relatively fast results.

  • Review by Marie from Harrow ****

    it's true that just 5 mins every couple of days, does keep your legs toned, and bottom firm. Once i've done it a couple of times a week i feel i've accomplished something

  • Review by Lisa from Cardiff ****

    When I do decide to use the leg master I can instantly feel the effects in my legs and thighs. I feel good when I get of the couch and use it. It's fab and I will use it more often.

  • Review by Suzie from Cambridgeshire *****

    Leg Master is great when I do it! You can feel the muscles working straight away

  • Review by Jane from Warrington ****

    I get on it occasionally and have never yet been able to do the programme by keeping up with the DVD! Think it's great though

  • Review by Louise from Consett *****

    I have been using my legmaster for some time now and have noticed a considerable difference to my posture and strength in my upper and lower body, would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Review by Julie from Potters Bar ****

    Easy to use

  • Review by Tracey from Ruislip *****

    I have been using the legmaster for about 2 months. I love the machine and it's so easy to store. i use it for 150 reps in the morning and the same before bed.

  • Review by Faye from Milton Keynes *****

    I like that it folds away easily and small enough to our away. I like that you can put it up in seconds and that you only have to do (can manage) 30 seconds at a time.

  • Review by Leanne from Trowbridge *****

    Easy to use, easy to store. The only piece of equipment I have ever invested in and have absolutely no regrets. Great product.

  • Review by Margie from Buckinghamshire *****

    Brill machine and so easy to use - I have it in my bedroom so no excuses for not jumping on in the morning and also at night if I have not used it in the morning?

  • Review by Rachel from Darlington *****

    I think the leg master is fab, i just dont use it often enough but when i do use it for more than a fewe days i start seeing results really quickly,

  • Review by Elaine from Hampshire *****

    Great piece of kit added to my little mini gym at home. Use it every day and over 6 weeks lost half an inch from each thigh.

  • Review by Kami from Letchworth *****

    Found it easy to use andsaw results really quickly.

  • Review by Penny from West Sussex *****

    easy to use has good effect doesn't take up much space and easy to hide away when done

  • Review by Janet from Hanwell *****

    I find the Legmaster so simple to use and also to store. It is space saving and easy to get out and use. I love it.

  • Review by Ranjit from London *****

    After 10 days, I can see a difference - it is easy to build up the numbers. Is there an equivalent for the upper/waist body?

  • Review by Paula from Tamworth *****

    My legmaster is the best thing i have ever brought and it motivates me to do more exercise.

  • Review by Karen from Sunderland *****

    Easy to use. Kept behind the sofa for easy access. Really works for such a short time of effort

  • Review by Alison from Doncaster ****

    Very effective if you use it every day.Doesn't take up much time. Do wish the machine folded up to take up less space

  • Review by Mary from London ****

    Great idea, fits neatly at the end of my bed with the footpads under the bed so can't ever forget it is there. Great for short stretch breaks to suplement Gym.

  • Review by Carolanne from Salisbury *****

    I love exercise, will never use any excuse to get out of it. I love the legmaster, I set a challenge to myself to try and do more repetitions each day

  • Review by Sharon from Broxbourne *****

    I do my exercise first thing in the morning and sometimes in the evening and I've definately noticed a difference in the shape and strength. If I'm honest, I could do it more.

  • Review by Carolyn from West Yorkshire *****

    First piece of exercise equipment I have bought which actually seems to be working and you can see results within a farily short period of time.

  • Review by Lynn from Glasgow *****

    It's just been a few weeks but so far so good. Easy to use. Set up in the TV room so can jump on and off easily. Very quick so suits my hectic lifestyle.

  • Review by Kate from West Yorkshire *****

    I have found it extremely easy to set up and use. It really beats having to go out to the gym!

  • Review by Connor from Campeltown *****

    Great improvement in leg muscles....So easy to use even while talking to friends or waiting for my tea

  • Review by Sarah from Tadcaster *****

    It was very easy to put together and really easy to use. I try and and a minute at a time a few times a day and my daughter loves it as it is helping her with horse riding.

  • Review by Matthew from Reading *****

    Fantastic product. Recommended to parents & sister and they have both purchased. Just 10 minutes a day makes such a difference.

  • Review by Bebe from Winchester ****

    Generally very pleased - was expecting the weights to have more of an impact. Also was expecting it to fold up and be put away easily without dismanteling. However, generally very pleased!

  • Review by Marlene from Hull ****

    Easy to use. Good for shaping the legs. The only drawback is the noise so need a carpeted floor away from others listening to tv etc.

  • Review by Colette from Brighouse ****

    Excellent device, all friends and family love to try it out when they come around.

  • Review by Alison from Kent *****

    i love it - its so easy - im on mine everytime i make a cuppa!

  • Review by Fiona from Falkirk *****

    It's still easily accessible, if not used as often as it should be; much more than I can say for many bits of equipment bought over the years!

  • Review by Elaine from Leamington Spa *****

    i think the legmaster is an excellent way to exercise. i can hop on and off throughout the day,so i don,t get bored with it , and it really works for the legs and bum area,s .

  • Review by Jennifer from Leighton Buzzard *****

    Great little gadget - it's behind the sofa in front of the telly and I do my exercises whilst watching telly! Everyone has a go on it when they see it!

  • Review by Rosie from Stoke-on-Trent *****

    When I first used it i did feel it pulled my thigh so took it really gentle at first, think it firms my butt and fims my legs

  • Review by Tracy from Northolt *****

    I think the Legmaster is a great machine it exercises the muscle that I need to tone and even keeps the kids occupied.

  • Review by Sally from Malmesbury ****

    I really like the Leg Master. As you might guess from my answers, I am still incorporating it into my life!

  • Review by Emma from Downham Market *****

    I have found the leg master to be a real asset. Its in the living room and i use it every day because its so easy to just get on for a couple of minutes. I love it

  • Review by Michael from London *****

    I have an injured leg and as I can't run LEG MASTER has strengthened my damaged leg and has kept my good leg strong.

  • Review by John from Liverpool ****

    great machine tones legs very well without causing bulkiness

  • Review by Carolyn from Swindon *****

    Great product, easy to you, haven't had it very long but can feel the difference already...A+

  • Review by Steve from London *****

    I use it everyday and try and increase usage as I go along, though I don't fill in sheets, just by time. Generally waste TV time (i.e. watch TV while exercising).

  • Review by Julia from Gloucestershire *****

    Fab machine!

  • Review by Rachel from Kent *****

    Love it. Everyone's seen a difference. Have it set up in kitchen (even though have exercise room!) so I can jump on it whenever. Even husband doesn't mind it being there because of results.

  • Review by Fiona from Bromley *****

    I love the legmaster.It is compact neat and so quick and easy to use.I have recommended it to so many clients and friends.It is easy to promote as it truly works!Love it.!

  • Review by Steph from Croydon ****

    My whole family is using it now I definatetly felt results quickly

  • Review by Maura from Birmingham ****

    fabulous workout with no sweat. Can use it for 5 minutes or 20 minutes depending on how you feel

  • Review by Karen from Gloucestershire ****

    Easy to use, jump on anytime during day, and it works

  • Review by Barbara from North Yorkshire ****

    Easy to use and gets easier if you use it a little each day. I started at 20 and can now do 70. You do feel a bit wobbly after the first few uses but it does get better as do your legs.

  • Review by Justine from Liverpool *****

    The leg master is amazing and i've noticed a big difference with tone and also weight loss! Everyone has commented on the reduction in my bum which as a woman can only be a good thing!

  • Review by Kay from Leek *****

    Found it easy to put together and get started. Have used it most days over the last 3 months and have noticed my legs are more toned and slimmer. Would definately recommend it to others.

  • Review by Anne from France *****

    Over the years I have bought several items of keep fit stuff but Legmaster is the only one that I have seen results with. The others have gone by the by......................

  • Review by Ruth from Devon *****

    My Partner tells me it has made my bum travel back up my legs, and its getting pert.

  • Review by Suzie from London ****

    Easy to use, doesn't take up much space either. Just need to get into the habit of using it regularly. Certainly made me feel better about starting my diet!

  • Review by Maria from Surrey *****

    I have noticedy legs and bum are looking much more toned and lost an inch or so from using the machine twice a day for about 3 months now. Have recommend it to lots of people.

  • Review by Linda from Kent *****

    I have been very impressed with the legmaster excellent value for money. It is so easy to us and usually try and use it every day. I have noticed a considerable difference in the shape of my legs.

  • Review by Jezz from Leeds. Yorkshire *****

    I could feel it working the very first time I used it. It is fantastic and it actualy encourages me to exercise.

  • Review by Evaly from Norfolk *****

    very easy and quick to do,so i actually use it!

  • Review by Emma from Lytham *****

    I love my leg master but have been using it for 6 months with all the weights on and it has got too easy!

  • Review by Katie from Essex *****

    No excuses needed! - Very easy to find the time even when you are watching rubbish on the telly

  • Review by Liz from Ayrshire *****

    Have been addicted to my legmaster since i got it, i have seen a big difference in the shape and tone of my legs. great buy and well worth the money. i would not part with it for anything.

  • Review by Michaela from Elgin *****

    Just brilliant. So far, the most simple and effective piece of equipment I have bought. Very happy.

  • Review by Diana from Sussex ****

    Great machine! Should have a counter though, am sick of counting to 150 or more on a good day! So make an lcd display. But am very happy!

  • Review by Sue from West Kirby ****

    Excellent piece of equipment in my gym. Only weakness is the handle. It's never been straight and wobbles slightly. Have always tried to not put any weight on it.

  • Review by Peter from West Midlands *****

    Great, helped me stabilise my knee muscles

  • Review by Kate from Oxfordshire ****

    l do love it as its simple to use but l don't use it as often as l should.It sits in the bedroom to remind me to use it it just took getting into the habit.

  • Review by Kim from LOUGHBOROGH *****


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