Leg Master® Origins – Innovation

It was after the birth of my 4th daughter when I was 43 years old that I decided enough was enough. My pelvic floor was definitely not where it was before I had children. My days of going on the trampoline were definitely over and going out shopping was a challenge unless there were bathrooms close by.

I knew it couldn’t just be me who felt as if I didn’t have control, but it was something I really didn’t want to talk about and I felt there was nothing I could do about it. That’s when I said to my husband “come on there must be something we could create to really help people like me feel confident again.”

We wanted something that everyone could do in the comfort of their own home. Something that would get great results in a short amount of time. So we developed LegMaster®, the minute-a-day routine that’ll help you take back control.

LegMaster® is born

Having a family is amazing. Having to worry about what happens to your body after having children is not so great. There are many exercises and lifestyle choices that can help but all require significant and sustained commitment. One thing most parents do not have is lots of time to do their own thing when they have a family!

Neil Summers is an award-winning inventor with a challenge brought to him by his wife Fiona. After 5 children, Fiona has first-hand experience of the challenges facing women needing to build back core strength. A perfect example of a powerful need meets an innovative mind and LegMaster® is born. LegMaster® only needs 1 minute per day!

Core Strengths

Most recently Fiona and Neil’s daughter Francesca competed in the World Championships for Pentathlon GB and was in the team for the Tokyo Olympics. The whole family has a long history of sporting / physical achievements. From Neil being an officer in the Royal Marine Commandos and marriage to Fiona in Japan, the Summers family has seen innovation and success across a range of products.

Fiona is a force in the core fitness world, featuring regularly on QVC TV, celebrity endorsements, and now selling over 5 million LegMaster® units worldwide. The Summers stable of products and approach has helped a great many customers achieve core strength and fitness goals. You could say that core strength has been part of their lives for a long time.